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Honda element transmission solenoid location

| P0796 HONDA code description. The Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid Valve an electronic pressure regulator that controls transmission line pressure based on current flow through its coil windings. As current flow is increased, the magnetic field produced by the coil moves the solenoid’s plunger further away from the exhaust port.

The shift lock solenoid is the mechanism that keeps you from shifting out of park without your foot on the brake. The good news is that most shift locks have an override button. You will need to find it for your particular model year of Element (if applicable). Finding it is usually pretty easy. Just look at your shifter.

Honda Discount Deals. Hoods & Parts. Hummer. ... 11-18 RAM 3500 4500 5500 6 SPEED TRANS GEAR SHIFT BRACKET & SHIFT SOLENOID MOPAR. ... Location: United States ....

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Honda GXH50, GX100 Tank Fuel Hose OEM Number: 17701-Z0D-000 HEN0265 £2.43 Honda GXH50 Ignition Coil HEN0394 £52.42 Honda GXH50 Insulator Gasket HEN0709 £1.76 Honda GXH50 Oil Alert Trigger Unit HEN0664 £24.52 Honda GXH50 Recoil Pulley HEN0088 £6.99 Honda GXH50 Recoil Ratchet Pawl HEN0089 £4.17 Honda GXH50 Spark Plug HST0144 £2.56 Page 1 of 2 1 2..

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The issue seems to be finding the solenoid. The majority of the shifting problems is between 1 and 2, but my wife said it also had some issues around 5 on the highway. All of the auto parts places near me seem to have solenoid A, but not solenoid B. I am not quite sure which one to replace, or how to determine which one needs to be replaced.

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